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Our Blog Has Moved!

Update your RSS feeders and links! The Dacha Project blog has moved!

From now on, we will be posting on our own domain, at http://www.dachaproject.com/blog.

We’re super excited about the move, because it gives us more flexibility and control of the site. And we’re starting to need it as our traffic starts to increase. As of June 23rd, 2010, we have had almost 9,000 unique visits, and the monthly numbers are only growing.

So update your links and tell your friends, the Dacha blog has a new home!

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The Dacha Project is in Checkhov’s Dogs, a very special documentary (in progress) about Russians, Mushrooms and the Diaspora!

Katya Gorker, a Russian-American filmmaker from Philadelphia is “tracing the cultural tradition of Mushroom foraging in Russia and the diaspora.” ¬† (all music by Animal Hospital).

While far from completion, with a trip to Russia still on the horizon, Katyachka has put together a short excerpt from the footage  shot at the Dacha Project and somewhere else in NY (a place clearly special as far as the footage tells us).

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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