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Dear Everyone,

Here at the Dacha, we six are filled with fuzzy bunny feelings. Wow–we have raised enough funds for over 60 trees and bushes! This will be an orchard beyond our wildest dreams. We feel extremely lucky and grateful to all of you who were able to help out. Danila goes "Wow"

At this time, we have reached our limit for the fruit and nut trees, but if you still wanted to jump on this train there are a few things that could help us out.

In order to make our orchard a success we will need:

some tools (want a hoe or shovel named after you?)
tree shelters (to keep animals from chomping on the trees)

Also, we would love to plant a few evergreens on the property to create more privacy (so, you know…if someone maybe wanted to run around naked, hypothetically, it wouldn’t disturb the neighbors).  Wanna sponsor potential nudity? 🙂

So, we’ll still be accepting donations but the orchard is secured thanks to everyone!

Overall, I think this experience is leaving us feeling truly encouraged by our friends and family and community and the freakin’ world at large.

It feels really good.

Thank you.

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