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So much going on so little time to blog. Even though I have officially retired to California for the winter, others are dutifully working the land and completing our humble Winter Palace. Here is some of what has happened since our last work party.

By thoroughly monitoring Freecycle and Craigslist we managed to score loads of free windows, doors, wood and assorted goodies. Our roomie at the Buddha house gave us a lot of tile (A LOT), more wood, and even a tiller and two awesomely cute bridges for our semi existent streams. Wow. These things needed storage right away, so we decided to get one of those sturdy tent thingies.

Here Lea and I go through an intense assembly process:


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Birds Flock to Roost

Every evening for the past while, a sea of birds (black birds?) fly over the land at dusk. We see them as we finish building for the evening, or as we prepare to build into the dark. They don’t go far once they’ve vanished from our view, I know because their immense dialog is audible for nearly an hour after. Apparently, they roost not far from us. Their flights converge right over our land, just before they come together in one tree, or perhaps even three.

Life is Pretty, Lea

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Here is pt 2, just like I promised.  Please enjoy, it took a second to edit.  More on the way in future.  Perhaps as it gets so cold in Ithaca that I can’t go outside, I will pump these out faster.  For now we are still building, taking classes, making friends and being mad busy.  This week we’re putting up the roof. Hoorah!

Love Lea

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This is pt 1 of our tool shed building adventure, shot way back in August, when the tool shed still aspired to be a tool shed. Eventually, we over built so that we began to feel bad about calling it a tool shed, and started referring to it as a palace.

Being the Russians that some of us are, and having a dear friend Mr. Winter, whose hard work has been so helpful, we decided to call it the Winter Palace. One day, I hope we will use it as an art studio, or a guest cottage, or something else entirely.

Today, more than two months have passed since Lily shot this, and in reality we are up to part 6 or 7. All the footage will eventually be imported, edited, exported, uploaded and embedded, even if it takes all winter.

Thanks for everyone’s support, please enjoy pt 1 and pt 2 soon to come.

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